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Manchester International Futsal Tournament 2015 launches

by Aaron Russell

We will be hosting the Manchester International Futsal Tournament the weekend of 15-16 August at the National Cycling Centre.

As well as the being able to see MFC go up against the top quality foreign teams, there will also be a youth tournament running alongside.

“The two day event will be a real showcase of international club futsal and we want to do is open it up to people not only from Manchester but also from across the UK to come and see top class futsal,” said Wright.

“Staging the event at the Velodrome which is a world class venue in the heart of Manchester's Sport City means the teams and players will get to compete in a fantastic setting.

“For the club it means that our senior team will really be able to test themselves against leading international teams which will be an ideal way to prepare for the new season.

“The event also provides us with an opportunity to bring together people who are passionate about the sport and its development. We have many great international clubs that we're friends with and this will be an ideal opportunity to make more friends in the futsal community.”

MFC have experience of hosting international clubs having welcomed Slovakian giants Slov-Matic Bratislava to Manchester in March 2014.

With the opportunity to showcase the city in all its glory, the International Futsal Tournament will be a big event on the sporting calendar.

“We've consulted with all the main stakeholders in the city and they're really behind the idea and event,” continued Wright. “Manchester is a sporting capital for many different sports and a major sporting event city.

“Futsal deserves its place on the sporting calendar and we believe the event will attract the world of futsal to come to Manchester.

“Futsal is a global sport and we want to ensure that both the club and the city benefits from that. We've always recognised from a very early stage that having an international profile is key to our growth and development.

“Six years ago we ran our first international tournament in Manchester and personally there has always been a desire to do it again. Now we're back, the timing is right and we're looking forward to delivering something special and unique that can be here for years to come.”

“Manchester International Futsal Tournaments has been established to bring the very best in international futsal tournaments to Manchester,” stated Wright.

“Our aim is to create and deliver one of the leading futsal tournaments in the world and invite adult, female and youth teams to come and experience the very best of what Manchester has to offer.

“We see this as being a great way to fully establish Manchester on the annual futsal event calendar and add further prestige to Manchester being a 'Home of Futsal'.

“Going forward we intend to widen the offer for more clubs from around the world to be involved in the tournament. This is the start of something that we feel can be really big and we're excited to get started.

“Futsal participation and support is witnessing a real boom at present. More and more people are curious about futsal and there is of course a real passionate Futsal community already in England. People want to see more of the game so we feel we can tap into this and build a great following to become involved in our event.”

Information about the International Futsal Tournaments will be available over a number of social media platforms as we plan to release information about the event in August over the coming months.

You can keep up to date with everything via our website, Facebook (Manchester Futsal Tournaments), Instagram (mcrfutsaltournaments) and Twitter (@futsalmcr).

International clubs interested in registering their participation will need to contact [email protected] to receive the tournament handbook.

Written by @ChrisWildgoose


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