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Manchester looking for back to back wins

by Aaron Russell

Manchester Futsal Club’s burgeoning youth development programme took a further step forward with the completion of an exclusive tour to Murcia last week where the Club built on the existing relationships formed with Spanish futsal giants El Pozo Murcia FS and local community club CD Murcia FS.

During the five day trip, the Club’s under 10s players and their parents were treated to an unforgettable insight and experience from every level of futsal in Murcia. The tour had been put together to provide the young players with a unique opportunity to play futsal against some of the best young players in Spanish Futsal. Four friendly games against El Pozo Murcia under 10s, Paulo Roberto Academy and CD Murcia FS were included in the schedule. The games were a great benchmark for the progress the club has made with developing its future futsal prospects.

“The players equipped themselves incredibly well throughout the four games,” said Head of Youth Ilya Ovechkin. “It was tough at times against quality opposition but we wanted to play the best teams. I’m immensely proud with their performances; we showed what we can do. The experience gained from playing these games is invaluable to their future development.”

The tour was also about the friendships the Club and players made during the time in Murcia, along with the opportunity to witness top level futsal. Club Chairman Simon Wright who co-ordinated the tour was keen to emphasise this point.

“By observing professional international futsal players training and preparing along with witnessing a live LNFS game up close, I’m sure the players and parents can only marvel at the level of futsal in Spain,” said Wright. “We wanted to allow them to see this. I think it is very important for everyone’s education and perception of what futsal is all about but it also underlines the clubs vision for our youth programme.”

There was also time in the busy schedule to sample visits to the Regional Football and Futsal Federation of Murcia and spend time with the players and staff of the exceptional community futsal club CD Murcia FS.

“We’ve been extremely fortunate to have such magnificent hosts in El Pozo Murcia FS and CD Murcia FS,” continued the Chairman. “They’ve been so supportive, generous and helpful in making this trip an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. I’m very grateful to Fran Serrejon and Toti Leal for all of their assistance but also to the parents and children who committed to coming when we put this proposal together.”

MFC now hopes to build on this successful tour and schedule it as an annual event so that more of the Club’s youth players can benefit from such experiences in the future. 

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