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Here we go again! English futsal is back.

by Aaron Russell

With the launch of the new club website we felt that is was time to include a Manchester Futsal Club Blog so that our fans a followers get to hear the thoughts and insight of those connected to the club at all levels.

So the best place to start is probably with myself given that I’m the club Chairman and I’m tasked with leading all things Manchester Futsal Club alongside my team of dedicated staff and volunteers.  It is these people behind the club that I want to talk about in this first article as without doubt they are the central to everything this club does and achieves.

Next April we will reach a very significant landmark for Manchester Futsal Club as it will be our 10th Anniversary. Our club will have existed for a whole decade! It is unbelievable when I stop to think about that and really absorb the significance of it. We intend to celebrate this landmark by trying to bring all of the former players and staff back together for an event that will allow us all to share some great memories. I started this project to make friends via playing futsal. It’s quite apparent now that we created and continue to build a whole community associated with the club.

This weekend we begin our 8th season in the FA National Futsal League or the newly titled FA National Futsal Super League. We have been involved from the very beginning and as a result have witnessed a great deal of change and ‘going’s on’ in English Futsal.  Further blogs in the future will touch on my feelings on the development side of the game as I don’t want to detract from the main point here.

The futsal community that exists within this club is very special. New people join and others leave, but one thing I always try to convey to every one of them is how grateful I am for their time, commitment, energy and support. We’re all trying to achieve a shared goal and everyone is playing their part. Obvious challenges aside I’m confident the club is on the right pathway going forward and we can continue to lead from the front.  To do this you need to be surrounded by the right individuals who value the role this club plays. I’m thankful and lucky to work with some great people and great friends in this community we have created over the last 10 years.

Enjoy the start of the new season every one. I look forward to writing again soon. 


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