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ED BRYERS: Why I love futsal

by Andy Donley

Here at Manchester Futsal Club we’re passionate about futsal, and believe that it is a sport with massive, unexploited potential in our country.

We’re dedicated to growing the sport. But why? Why do we think that futsal is the best sport for you and your children? Why do we love futsal?

Well that’s exactly what we’ve asked everyone at the club, from the chairman down, in a new weekly feature that will reveal exactly why we choose to spearhead English futsal.

First up it’s 29-year-old winger Ed Bryers, who is playing in his third season at the club since joining from Tranmere Victoria in 2013.

First futsal memory 

My first memory of Futsal is being introduced to it by a friend way back in 2002 when I was 16. I played in a local tournament and have played ever since.

When did you first play the sport?

I played for Tranmere Victoria, who were the first English team to play in the UEFA Futsal Cup in 2002 against the Romanian champions at the time. We played a home leg in England and an away leg in Romania.

Do you have a football background?

I played the normal youth level all the way up to u16's. I had a bit of success at non-league level, but always ended up sticking to futsal.

Why is futsal better than football?

You are more involved in the game than you would be in a football match. You see the ball more and have more touches, chances, passes and shots. Also, you are always playing in the game from defence to attack. 

What is the future of futsal?

Youth! It needs to be introduced to a younger audience without doubt. Our youth players in the squad are becoming better and better every single week and the more they are playing the better they are becoming. The likes of Spain and Portugal only let junior players play futsal first which gives them a better understanding of small-sided football, which they can then take on to 11-a-side football or a professional futsal contract later on.

Can England win the Futsal World Cup?

At this moment in time I would say no. This is only down to other nations having more experience at a higher level, which is being transferred to international level. But England are becoming better and more experienced every year. A semi-professional or professional league in England would close the gap.

What is your favourite futsal memory? 

In 2006 I played in a tournament in Portugal against Benfica in front of 7000 fans. I also managed to play against one of my favourite players, the Portuguese player Ricardinho. The guy was unbelievable. I think we lost 15-1 and he scored 10.

Why do you love futsal?

I love futsal because the game is so fast-paced and you are constantly involved in the game. More touches of the ball, more flair and more excitement than normal football! 

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