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Manchester launch Futsal Education Scholarship

by Liz Owen

Manchester Futsal Club have teamed up with Connell Sixth Form College to offer 16-18 year olds the chance to take part in a full-time futsal education programme as well as studying for an academic qualification.

The Futsal Education Scholarship, planned to launch for the 2016/17 academic year next September, will open the door for youngsters who are looking to complete a BTEC or A-Level course but also want to take their interest in and enjoyment of futsal to the next level.

Based at the heart of the Etihad campus, next to the City Football Academy, prospective students will study in an unrivalled elite sporting environment, with access to Manchester’s world-class sports facilities, and will train and play at the National Cycling Centre, the home of Manchester Futsal Club.

The students will also be able to access brand new leisure and training facilities at East Manchester Leisure Centre and the soon-to-be-opened English Institute of Sport.

Connell Campus

Simon Wright, chairman of Manchester Futsal Club, spoke of his enthusiasm for the club’s Futsal Education Scholarship and talked through what it has to offer.

“Not only will students be able to choose from a wide range of academic qualifications, to further their education and continue learning in a subject they are passionate about; they will also get a full-time futsal coaching programme which will be delivered by Manchester Futsal Club coaches,” he explained.

“The idea is to connect our current youth programmes with the Scholarship. Our oldest lads in these programmes are aged 14-15 and we want to be able to offer them this pathway, which will enable them to not only continue their education but also continue in futsal.

“It will prepare them both for the first team and senior futsal, and give them an academic qualification to help them further their chosen career.”

And Wright believes that the skills and expertise of the coaches at Manchester Futsal Club will make this futsal scheme stand out above the rest.

“At the moment, the Football League Trust run a Futsal Scholarship programme which they deliver via community trusts linked to professional football clubs – a scheme which has been running over the last three or four years.

“It’s a popular programme and it has a lot of people involved with it, but it tends to focus more on young adults who are interested in a general sports course.

“What we are trying to make clear is that we are an FA National League Futsal Club delivering this, as opposed to a football community trust. I think we can really make our experience count and give the players and parents what they want. The quality of what we can offer through coaching and mentoring, as well as a good academic qualification, will be head and shoulders above the current alternative options.”

Passionate about providing children and young adults with numerous opportunities through futsal, Wright believes the Futsal Education Scholarship can have a huge beneficial impact on those who want to be part of it.

“As a new scheme it will naturally be challenging, and we are aiming to get the Scholarship up and running and established during our first year.

“Then, as we progress and have more players taking part in our youth programmes, it will hopefully encourage a stream of kids who will enroll on the Scholarship ready and equipped to do full-time futsal education on a regular basis.

“For me it’s about providing an opportunity for young adults and giving them the chance to get further skills and training, and for these young adults to maybe go on and have playing opportunities for the club as well as employment opportunities.

“As we grow as a club, we are going to need more coaches, more referees, more event administrators, and we feel that not only can we generate our own workforce out of this, but also provide skills, training and education which will enable these youngsters to go on to further study or to work in another sports sector.

“This is a clear programme which can have a long-term impact on and off the court, and I think that the fact we are moving into that territory, looking to work in educating and training young people, now shows that we are already more established than a lot of people realise.”

Want to find out more? Come along to Connell Sixth Form College on Thursday 26th November for an open evening, which starts at 5pm and finishes at 8pm, or alternatively contact [email protected]

Connell Front

Below are details of the educational courses offered by the Futsal Education Scholarship:

BTEC Applied Science Level 3
Some examples of units studied in BTEC Applied Science include Fundamentals of Science, Working in the Science Industry and Medical Physics Techniques.
A BTEC in Applied Science could lead to further study in a science-related course at HE.

BTEC Business Level 3
Some examples of units studied in BTEC Business include The Business Environment, Introduction to Marketing and Business Resources.
A BTEC in Business could lead to futher study in, for example, Business Management

BTEC Sports and Exercise Science Level 3
This qualification is aimed at those preparing to embark on a career which focuses on science development, rehabilitation in sport - for example Sports Science, Sports Therapy or Physiotherapy - or a career in teaching PE.

BTEC Sport Level 3
This qualification is aimed at those preparing to embark on a career in the sport and leisure industry, focusing in particular on the coaching, sports development and fitness pathways which may include sports development at degree level.

A-Level PE
This will suit students who have a passion for sport; students who will enjoy a fast-paced and diverse course which covers many subject areas, yet is always underpinned by the student’s application to sport.

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