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GILES COLLIER: Why I love futsal

by Andy Donley

Here at Manchester Futsal Club we’re passionate about futsal, and believe that it is a sport with massive, unexploited potential in our country.

We’re dedicated to growing the sport. But why? Why do we think that futsal is the best sport for you and your children? Why do we love futsal?

Well that’s exactly what we’ve asked everyone at the club, from the chairman down, in a new weekly feature that will reveal exactly why we choose to spearhead English futsal.

This week it's England U19 international Giles Collier turn to tell you why he thinks futsal is great. 

What is your first memory of futsal?

I was asked by a lady at the FA if I had ever played futsal before, who told me to go down to Manchester Futsal Club. I started playing with the U21s, then started playing with the first team and realised how much I liked it and adapted to the game rather quick. But I still have a lot too learn! 

When did you first play the sport?

I've been playing just over 18 months and never looked back really. Everyone who plays it knows how enjoyable futsal is, as it improves your cardio and it improves your technical and tactical attributes, which you can take into an 11-a-side game. However, people also know how annoying it can be because the littlest mistake could cost you a game.

Do you have a football background?

I started playing football when I was seven at my local team ROFTA. After that I played for Rochdale Academy when I was 11 and was there for three years, but I was told I was too small, so then I got chose to play for my town team Rochdale. I got scouted for Liverpool, but I fell out of love with football as I was told I would never make it due to my size.

Why is futsal better than football?

Futsal is a lot more intense than football. It's a lot more technical and tactical which is beneficial as a player because you're always learning. Also the fact that you play on an indoor court, which is obviously smaller than a 11-a-side pitch, means you are always involved in the game and have to be switched on because you will always get a touch of the ball.

What is the future of futsal?

Hopefully we will make more professional clubs in England and make it into an Olympic sport.

Can England ever win the Futsal World Cup?

At this moment in time no, as we are quite new to the sport and not as experienced compared to countries like Uruguay, Brazil, Spain, Portugal and Japan. However in time you never know.

What is your favourite futsal memory?

I enjoyed playing in the FA Cup at the Copperbox where we got to the final but lost to Baku. That was a really good experience for me as Baku are the only professional club in England and it was good to get a taste of facing a club like that. Also getting called up for the U19s Futsal England squad that was a great achievement for me.

Why do you love futsal?

I love the style of the game. Usually it's pass and move with a minimum of two touches, which is why it's so fast paced. However, that isn't the case all the time because using skill at the right times is a good attribute to have. You have to keep the defenders guessing rather than just making the obvious pass, and using skill helps build your confidence as a player.

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