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Manchester Futsal Club's 10 year anniversary celebration

by Michael Henson

Manchester Futsal Club are delighted to announce that they will be marking their 10th anniversary with a special event on 2 April 2016.

Founded in 2006, the Club has gone from strength to strength since its formation and is now one of the leading futsal clubs in England.

The event, held at the National Cycling Centre, will take place between 1-6pm and feature many events throughout the day.

Our youth teams will be taking on Spanish club CD Murcia, who will be visiting England for a tour to commemorate Manchester’s anniversary.

The main event will take place later in the day as the legends from previous years return for a one-off match.

Current captain Sam Richardson and vice-captain Ilya Ovechkin, who have both been with the club since its formation, will be leading two teams to go head-to-head in the showpiece spectacular.

There are no set ticket prices, instead there will be an option to pay whatever you want to attend the event.

See you Saturday!

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