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Manchester Appoint Spanish Head Coach.

by Riegan Thompson

Following the exciting  unveiling of new Spanish Head Coach Sergi Saldana, we caught up with him to find out more about his journey and what brought him to Manchester Futsal Club.


“I was born in Barcelona where everyone plays futsal as a child, I started to play when I was very young and I really love it. I have played it all my life. I am also a PE teacher so I know many sports, but for me futsal is the best.”


Commenting on his background in futsal Sergi revealed, “I have played and coached futsal all my life. I played for a club called Les Corts UBAE, and while I was there I successfully coached  some of the younger teams. It was a great grounding for me. I also played for another club called Barnasants, so these are the two main teams where I have built my coaching career.”


Sergi went on to tell us why he chose Manchester Futsal Club for his next project, having last season been the Head Coach of fellow North League club Sheffield FC Futsal


“I had been coaching at Sheffield but it was clear that the structure of Manchester as a club is better developed across all the age groups and teams. I spoke to the Chairman Simon Wright and he was very clear with what he wants and the role he wants me to play in developing the club even further. I certainly think I can help with not only the first team, but the club in general. If all of the  coaching staff work together we could build something amazing.”


“The most important thing for teams in England is to work with the children, in my opinion. If you work with the children in the under 19s and 16s it gives you a chance to have a good team with English players in it.”


Speaking of his aims now he is Manchester Futsal Club Head Coach Sergi expressed his desire to embed more knowledge with the players and challenge their learning,


“My aims at the beginning are that I want all of the players to learn. I want all the players to understand they have to be constantly thinking in matches. The first thing for me is that we start to create something as a team. I already know that Manchester have very good, very technical players but we have to create something as a team.”


Sergi then touched on the FA National Super League that we will compete in next year,


“ For next season we have a new league with new opportunities. Which will be amazing. But we will see, because we will play against teams from the north, south and even some teams who are currently in the second division.”


He then finished off by saying, “The aim for Manchester is to compete in all matches, because with these kinds of players we can compete against teams on a similar level but we need to be able to compete against the best teams. And then become one of the best teams.”

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