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Player Profile - Billy Midgley - Manchester Futsal U12s

by Nathan Linley


Careers in futsal need to have a beginning, a direction and inspiration.  Our very own U12’s player Billy Midgley, who is only 10 years old, has been telling exactly that as he told us about how he got into futsal and who his inspirations are.

How long have you been playing futsal?

I started with Manchester Futsal when I was 7. Gavin Atherton mentioned to me that Ilya and Ross Bond were setting up a Saturday morning session at the soccer dome. This was a whole new challenge to me and I was bit nervous at the start. The coaches where very impressed and I even got scouted for Manchester City on my first session.(true!)

What do you love the most about the game?

I love doing set pieces because you have to learn them quickly and when you do this is fun to use, we shout out numbers and give hand signals which really confuses the opposition. In a 1v1 situation it is good to beat your man, then again then again!

How has it benefited you?

Futsal has taught me lots of new skills, I use these a lot on the school playground and my mates can't touch the ball. It also benefits me to think quicker which helps my decision making faster and sharper.

Who is your coach and what is your favourite thing about their coaching?

Giles Collier and Ilya Ovechkin are my coaches. I like how they join in and make our training session fun. It is also good to watch my coaches play their Futsal matches as it helps me understand the movement in the game. I would like to follow in the footsteps of Doug Reed, Giles Collier, Jordon Edge, and my favourite Stuart Cook on playing for England.

What's something you can't live without besides Futsal?

I couldn't live without my Xbox and watching Manchester City.

Why Futsal over football?

I like Futsal and football but in Futsal I get to use all my skills at a fast pace. You have more involvement as you are switching positions all the time. You can also play Futsal all year round because your games never get cancelled if the weather is bad. Everything in Futsal can be used when I play football.  The skills that I have learnt in Futsal have helped me get out of tricky situations when playing football.