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Player Profile: Nathan Perks - Manchester Futsal U12's

by Nathan Linley


Young, hungry and eager to learn.  The spotlight shines bright on the Manchester U12's team this week and in particular Nathan Perks.

At 10 years of age, Nathan thrives on fast tempo, working the ball in tight spaces and running up and down the court.  Nathan is relatively new to the game but has already found some new inspirations within futsal that he thought he would not find.

He has been talking to about his life, his inspirations and ambitions within the game.

How long have you played futsal?
I started playing futsal about 18 months ago it was at the end of the season and I wanted to get more training and got told about futsal and not looked back.

What do you love most about the game?
More touches on the ball and also the intensity of the game I also like doing the parallel and diagonal runs and the 1-2s

How has it benefited you?
It has helped me to use the skills that I have learned and develop them into my game also I think my decision making has improved when passing and moving due to the speed of the game.

Who is your coach and what is your favourite thing about there coaching?
My coaches are first team players Giles Collier and Ilya Ovechkin my favourite thing is that we learn and work on a lot of technical drills and they both encourage me to take them from the training drills and onto the court I also enjoy watching the first team play has hopefully one day I might get the chance to play for the first team.

What’s something you can’t live without besides futsal?
My iPad and Millwall Football Club.

Why futsal over football?
I like both but you get more touches on the ball and can use your skills to play out of a tight situation and with it being played at a fast tempo I also enjoy how we play the set pieces in futsal different from how we play them at football.