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Manchester Futsal set to open Youth Development Centre in Marple

by Lewis Wiseman


Manchester Futsal Club would like to announce the opening of a new Youth Development Centre in Marple, which will officially open on January 24th.

The centre is located at Marple Sixth Form College on Buxton Lane in Marple and will be head up by the cubs new Youth Coach, Steve Machin.

Machin currently holds an FA Football Level 2 and a FA Futsal Level 1 coaching badge and is extremely passionate about futsal.

“I’m so excited to be bringing this ground-breaking opportunity to kids in Marple and want to thank Manchester Futsal Club for their amazing support in getting the Marple Development Centre off the ground,” Machin said.

Every Wednesday, Machin will lead a 1 hour futsal training session open to boys and girls aged between 6 and 12, the night will run as follows: 

  • 5-6pm = U6/7,
  • 6-7pm = U8/9, and
  • 7-8pm = U10/11/12.

The aim of the development centre is to grow young players the ins and outs of futsal, and also highlight what it means to be part of a team.

“MFC are such a brilliant club in their focus on youth and long-term development. I hope to bring the same challenge and engagement in my sessions alongside the warmth and supportive atmosphere.”

Some other key abilities that Machin believes the players will learn are:

  • Confidence on the ball,
  • The ability to manipulate the ball out of tight spaces,
  • Keeping a calm head under pressure,
  • Thinking faster – making better decisions,
  • Heightened reflexes,
  • Playing with intensity,
  • Off the ball movement and support play,
  • Passing with precision,
  • Focus & concentration, and
  • Teamwork & team-spirit etc.

Steve Machin wasn’t always a futsal fanatic, and says he used to see futsal as a way of helping players develop their football ability, but now sees it in a different light.

“If I’m honest - a couple of years ago I saw futsal as a way of helping kids become better at football!  That certainly will happen - no doubt!  However, having watched my boys play the sport more and more, I’m starting to see things from a different perspective,” Machin said.

“For technically-minded and intelligent footballers, futsal can be a more satisfying game to play and watch! A true art-form where you can express yourself creatively with the ball!  The tactical side is also mind-blowing - I love it!”

The first sessions kicks off next Wednesday night, starting from 5pm, Machin hopes you can all make it and either learn a new sport or develop your current futsal skills.

“Everything gets better with futsal: it absolutely has to be at the centre of player development in this country!”

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